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We would like to present you a brand new site devoted to myths and legends of our ancestors. Thus, if you are a mytho-maniac this is the place for you. And if not, well… we will make you become one!

There are various manifestations of myths in the world around us and we are going to track and explore them. Art, music, science, entertainment etc. are full of references to the ancient tales. For some contemporary people these stories might seem forgotten, insignificant or even irrelevant and silly, but they form the basis of our mentality, even if we are not fully aware of that. The ways we think, speak and behave have deep roots in the past, so if you consider yourselves conscious beings, better acknowledge that!

To help us all on our way, we intend to use Encyclopaedia of Mythology of Indo-European People. Written by Andrzej M. Kempinski – linguist, historian and culture expert – the Encyclopaedia is much more than just an alphabetically ordered bunch of keywords with references. It is a masterpiece that connects the single stories, myths and legends to form a bigger, more general picture of the Indo-European culture. Of course, we will not strictly limit ourselves to the Indo-European mythology, still it will be the main part of this site.

As you can see the website is not yet finished, in fact, it is at the very beginning of its existence. With this in mind we did not want to flood you with content. Instead, we plan to expand it gradually, bit by bit, hopefully with some help and assistance from you!

Please stay in touch and feel free to comment on everything we put here.


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