Thunders shall sound in November

Prepare yourself!

For a Thunderer will roam the cinemas all over the world again. This time Chris Hemsworth will appear in “Thor: Ragnarok”.
I wonder if guys at Marvel read the original myth and how far they want to follow it, as the very end of the World’s End doesn’t end well. 😉 At least from the perspective of the Thunder God. But looking at the trailer, it seems that this might not exactly be this particular Ragnarök, which ends everything. And why the hell Galadriel black-dyed her hair and destroyed Mjöllnir? It seems that several questions won’t be answered till November… See the teaser trailer of Thor: Ragnarok today at MythoBlogy:

Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD] YouTube play

Meanwhile you might want to learn about the original red-haired Thor from the Norse mythology.


“Thor slays the serpent” by Torgeir Fjereide.

Yes – red is the proper color. A lot of hair-dyeing around today – if he was not blonde, I would consider Chris the best “incarnation” of Thor ever. He fits this role perfectly and is almost as good as Arnie playing Conan.



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