Norse Mythology artbook is coming!

Great news from Milivoj Ćeran!
I’ve been curiously watching his progress with the “Norse Mythology” artbook for some time and… I must say that if the author aims to keep all the artwork at the level of “Sköll and Hati” (title image of this post) it’s going to be a SMASH. A hit, a supernova, a winner etc.
Get your preorder while there is still time! GET IT
In the meantime you can check Encyclopaedia for the entry on the wolves:

Hati and Sköll

I know – it’s a short one, but come on – this is Encyclopaedia. No place for excess fluff here. Let’s hope Mr Ćeran will add more flavour to the story.

In order to give you more taste of Milivoj’s work, I put here a little gallery of paintings that he shared on the FB page of Norse Mythology artbook.

The “Aesir and Vanir fight” painting was featured on the music album by Ymir’s Blood. According to the band’s description it is a beerbarian metal, so if you like beer and strong sounds – go and check them as well!



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