Mythic Paths

“Mythical Gate” Zdzisław Beksiński 1978.*

Enter the Mythical Gate

and embark on the journey down the Mythic Paths. Here you will find all of them put together, so you could navigate them easily.

Before we set off it is good to know what are these Mythic Paths in the first place, as we will keep building them for the next months to come.

To put it short, Mythic Path is a way of reading and enjoying the Encyclopaedia of Mythology of Indo-European People. The idea is quite simple: you start by reading an entry and choosing a link marked with “” that you would like to follow. Next step is to move to the chosen keyword, read it, choose another link, etc. In this way you could traverse different mythologies and cultures, find surprising associations between the myths, characters, creatures and various phenomena from the legends of our ancestors. And this is exactly what we do – we put here new entries according to this rules, following your will. Please help us and vote! We are at the very beginning of translating and digitizing the Encyclopaedia, thus every single choice means a lot.

One additional rule here:
We do not take a next step in a Mythic Path until 10 people make their choice and vote in the current one. And not earlier than one week after the poll starts. (Unless we decide otherwise.)

Just sit comfortably, relax, dim the lights, turn on some music …we strongly recommend Jan Garbarek “Visible World” for example… and immerse in the world of ancient legends, illustrated by the best artists we could find. And don’t be scared whatever you shall meet on the way.

“Path of the Ancients” Zdzisław Beksiński 1972.*

List of active Mythic Paths:

Enter the links above and help us choose another steps!

*) Beksiński did not name his paintings. The idea behind it was that every person should interpret them in his/her own way. The names you see under the pictures above are to be treated as the mythoblogical interpretations only.