Museum of Slavic Mythology

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Museum of Slavic Mythology – the first museum related specifically to Slavic mythology is going to open this year.

Here what the developers say about their project:
Children usually learn about Zeus, Jupiter or Odin at school, whereas nobody tells them about Svantevit, Perun, Veles and the rest of Slavic gods and demons. We wish to contribute to making this knowledge common, just like it is in the case of Greek, Roman or Nordic mythologies.
The Museum of Slavic Mythology is a non-profit project aimed generally at enhancing the society’s conscience about its history and culture. Our goal is to popularize the old faith and spiritual culture of the Old Slavs through various artistic events, academic publications and intriguing exhibitions. The Museum is being set in Owidz near Starogard Gdański and developed in partnership with Ecological – Cultural Association “Common Earth” and Self-Governed Institute of Culture in Owidz Burgwall. We are doing our best to open the Museum as early in the first quarter of 2017. You can help us make it happen!
The Museum is going to be located inside the Owidz Burgwall and its immediate surroundings. We wish to exhibit replicas of few preserved antiquities regarding the pre-Christian Slavic beliefs and traces of said legacy that appear in contemporary music, literature and art.
The Museum of Slavic Mythology ought to be an interesting destination popularizing knowledge about pre-Christian Slavic spiritual culture in a unique and attractive way.
A detailed plan is currently being drawn up; interior design, promotional campaign, purchase, installation of the exposition are yet to be done. All of this requires substantial financing, which we seek to acquire through various means, including subsidies, donations, sponsorships, and crowdfunding.
If you like our idea of bringing the Museum of Slavic Mythology to life, you can help us by backing up our crowdfunding campaign on Polish fundraising website “”
You can help us make it happen!

Link to their website:

or find them on Facebook: @MuzeumMitologiiSlowianskiej

Direct link to the fundraising service website:

We will inform you on the progress and news from the developers – stay in touch and support them!


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