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A little confession.

Taking the next step on the Path of Trolls required the preparation of the Encyclopaedia entry on dwarves. Surprisingly, it turned to be one of the most difficult tasks since we’ve put this website on the internet. Not because the entry was especially long, had difficult wording or finding an image depicting a dwarf was hard. In fact it was quite easy… TOO EASY! There are such insane amounts of paintings of dwarves that choosing The One is almost impossible. Thus, I’ve almost gone crazy and at the end I decided to refer to something classic – Paul Bonner art seemed the best possible choice. But I am still far from being 100% sure if I made the right choice. Well, judge by yourself.


The biggest problem with the dwarves on the internet is that almost all of them are warriors. I know it is an extremely popular theme, especially after Peter Jackson filmed the Tolkien works, but also because of all these fantasy tabletop and video battle games that just have to include a dwarf or two. But mythology says nothing about them being mostly warlike, although some of them were quite violent. Not going much into in-depth discussion, as the full article on the dwarves will surely appear here in some not very far future, I have a request.

Show me your dwarfs!

Put links to the images in the comments below, share some on our facebook or send them by email. Might be warriors, might not – just share the best stuff you have ever seen. Let’s make a gallery of the best dwarves in the world. Don’t forget the references.

Several images for the beginning. The gallery will be updated every time I get something really cool.

One more thing before you set off for the quest of seeking a dwarf.
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