Hati and Sköll

“Sköll and Hati” by Milivoj Ćeran. Artwork from the incoming book “Norse Mythology” by Milivoj Ćeran.


(old ice. Hati “The One Who Hates”, Sköll “Treachery”)

in Germanic (Scandinavian) mythology two terrifying wolves (wargs), sons of ➚ Fenrir and some witch, who gave birth to them in the Isarnvid forest (old Icelandic Ísarnvidhr “Iron Forest”) [1], which lies in the East. The wolves constantly chase the moon (see MANI) and the sun (see SOL-II) respectively, to devour them. During the ➚ Ragnarök they will achieve their goal and darkness will shroud the world. Hati and Sköll are probably a double of ➚ Garm and ➚ Fenrir.


[1] Völuspa 40.


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