Diomedes – for the full triad

Why nobody complains?

All of you who already read the post on Achilles and Ajax. Didn’t you miss someone?

Please don’t say that you didn’t notice this guy while reading Iliad. It is absolutely impossible. His role in the Trojan War was CRUCIAL. Not that he alone was responsible for the Achaean victory, but the contribution of Diomedes cannot go unnoticed. In case you forgot – here’s the encyclopaedia entry:


Long have I searched for the right image to depict Diomedes, one of the best Greek warriors ever. And all that time I had one image in my head, which – although not actually depicting the hero – is a quintessence of a Greek “badass”. And fortunately I was unable to find any picture of Diomedes who could beat this one. Mariusz Kozik is a true masterclass!

Some of his artwork prepared for Total War: Rome 2. Maybe not 100% mythological and Greek but absolutely amazing – you’d really wish these guys fought on your side.

Per aspera ad astra



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