At the beginning there was nothing and inside it…

…there was an Androgyne.

Indo-European cosmogony assumes that it (=he+she) existed in the primal nothingness (void, vacuum, oblivion…) and somehow split into Heaven and Earth (male and female, Father and Mother), thus giving birth to the world.

In fact, this belief is quite similar to what scientists actually think about the very beginning of everything. In certain physical models there is an initial absolute vacuum (with no time and space). At some point the vacuum collapses – a phase transition occurs – and kaboom! a “globe of fire” appears and starts to expand rapidly, creating space and time. It keeps growing and cooling until it splits into Energy and Matter (it seems that Latin mater stands for “mother” for good reason), thus giving birth to the world.

As you see – when it comes to the very beginning – science is not very far from pure mythology… It’s just some other words but the pattern remains the same. I would even risk a statement that the scheme of world creation from mythology is so deeply engraved within our Indo-European minds, that the so-called “western” scientists just couldn’t make up anything different!

Check the Encyclopaedia to learn more about the concept of androgynism which is common for all the Indo-European mythologies. Art by Alice Ferox, click “continue reading” for the non cropped image (watch it full screen for details!) and the whole entry.


More thoughts about cosmogony will arrive later. In the meantime you might also want to read about Ymir.




  • Wojciech

    2 July 2017

    Do you really think that big-bang idea is created because of mythology inside us? If yes, what about the universe inflation and the red shift as the experimental facts?

    • Majoj

      18 July 2017

      I think that mythology inside us made it easier to invent the big-bang idea.
      More important question would be if it is just a coincidence or there is some deep “unconscious” knowledge inside us and by science and experimenting we only uncover what we already “know” – what was imprinted in our minds at the very beginning.

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