Argus Panoptes

Walking the Path of Hydra…

We just left behind the cold corpse of Echidna, the Mother of Monsters.
Now let’s meet her killer – Argus Panoptes – whose fate eventually turned out to be no better at all. It seems that his story did not differ much from other guys caught in an endless series of fights and quarrels between Hera and Zeus over the god’s many lovers. The high King in Heaven simply could not restrain his desires and brought doom to everybody standing in his way. So many heroes got born and deceased just because of this.

Actually, if not the Zeus’ lust, the Greek mythology would have been so much poorer. Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, the Muses, Heracles, Perseus, Minos etc. Being a Queen of Olympus was a truly tough stuff! And if the Greeks zealously pursued their main god… Whoa! Their civilization must have been truly and literally “screwed”. But that is a big story for the whole new article.

Going back to Argus Panoptes – I’ve found a nice take on his story and want to share it with you. Credits go to Owen Davey, who made a short graphic narrative about the last adventure of the “All-seeing” hero:

‘Made You Look’ – Directory of Illustration #33

If you want to learn the whole story on Argus Panoptes, as well as know the other heroes named Argus, just follow the link to Encyclopaedia below.


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