Ajoj-Majoj: the fate of humanity?

Searching and the blues.

After long hours spent looking around internet for the right image to depict the Ajoj-Majoj, I have finally found one. Obviously by accident (thank you Anwar). Thus, I am sure now that whenever you look hard enough and do not find anything 100% satisfying in the first 5 minutes, then let it go. It will come to you when the right time comes.

Or not, if you fit the phrase: “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I would not know luck at all” sung by Homer Simpson in the phenomenal cover of Albert King’s “Born under a bad sign”:

The Simpsons Sing the Blues: Born Under a Bad Sign by Homer Simpson YouTube play

Oh man, I love this piece as well as the whole album. And songs by Lisa? Give me shivers every time… Amazing stuff, one of the best blues/hip hop albums ever. I’ve been listening to it for over twenty years and it has not aged a bit.

But let’s go back to the topic.

What is the title image about?

As we can read in Encyclopaedia, Ajoj-Majoj are the final stage of evolution of mankind:


“Geba the hermit” painted by Anylia Larmina is a perfect depiction of how we would look like after we completely exploited Earth and looted all its resources. Fully wrapped in protective clothing, wearing anti-radiation goggles, noise damping headset and carrying a bunch of survival stuff on our backs. Footer nomads, setting off into the harsh conditions of wasteland just to find anything that left after we have eaten everything. If you have ever played a Fallout video game, watched the Mad Max series or been to some abandoned oil plant in a desert, then you know what I mean.

Is the wasteland the final stage of the evolution of human civilization?

“The Wasteland” by Mack Sztaba

Hopefully not. Let’s trust that we will be able to restrain ourselves and get along with nature much better, so our descendants – the Ajoj-Majoj – could peacefully wander the lush forests of Earth.

“Little Lights” by Anylia Larmina. Yes – it is her again – she is good.

See you next time!


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